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More on IRM Client for Adobe Acrobat


This document may be legally privileged. It is intended only for authorized customer users (“Registered & Individual Users”) of the Bill of Lading service at

For own internal use, intended customer users may disclose, copy, circulate, distribute or otherwise use this document, but may not in any way share it with any third parties without the prior written consent of Safmarine.

If you have received this document in error, please immediately delete all copies.  

Copyrights are expressly reserved.


Introduction to the Security Solution for Bill of Ladings

This security solution, based on IRM Client for Adobe Acrobat, only applies to customers, as Registered Users, with a signed Documentation Agreement who, through the Individual User, need to view and/or print the final, original Bill of Lading (bill of lading) from

Installation of the security solution software is not, however, required for customers only viewing the verification Bill of Lading or printing the final, original Waybill.

The deployment of this security solution is made in recognition of the increasing need and requirement for security when doing e-business on the internet.

The objective is to assist in the protection of data belonging to you and your business partners and provides control over a Bill of Lading when it has been viewed on and/or downloaded to a PC.

The IRM Client for Adobe Acrobat security solution supplements the use of the digital certificate, adds another high level technical security solution and places the level of security of on the leading edge.

IRM Client for Adobe Acrobat is a third party EMC Corporation product (“the Product” or “IRM Client for Adobe Acrobat ”) providing advanced protection of PDF documents. As described in the installation guide, and as part of the installation process, you will enter into a separate license agreement with EMC Corporation. for the use of the IRM Client for Adobe Acrobat software.

More information can be found on

Legal Notice:

Safmarine has made all reasonable endeavors in displaying the properties and security features of IRM Client for Adobe Acrobat (“the Product”). However, neither Safmarine nor its parent or their officers, directors, employees, sub-contractors or agents accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever or any claim for loss, damages, costs and expenses of whatever kind arising out of the use of or reliance on IRM Client for Adobe Acrobat.

Safmarine does not warrant that the security features of IRM Client for Adobe Acrobat are effective for any particular use or will operate without error or interruption or cannot be interfered with or bypassed. If this is important to you, you should seek further information from the providers of IRM Client for Adobe Acrobat, who can be contacted at

Use of the Safmarine Bill of Lading remote printing facility is subject to terms and conditions (including an English law and jurisdiction clause), which are available on request or may be found at


Enhanced overview of the Bill of Lading process

Status of Bill of Lading:
In the Bill of Lading service on , the status of the Bill of Lading (“BL”) will change from READY to PRINTED when the BL has been printed. This means easy overview of new BL’s available for print.

Bill of Lading History & Log:
At the same time the HISTORY of the BL will be updated and logged, both when the authorized user has viewed the BL and when the authorized user has printed it.

Print once-only feature:
If the BL is printed when viewed from the Bill of Lading service, the status will change immediately.

If the PDF file of the BL has been saved on the users own pc or even forwarded to another person by e-mail, the BL will be protected, as it will only be possible to print the PDF file once.

The saved PDF file can only be viewed when the pc has an Internet connection. When opening the PDF file with the BL, a call is made by the IRM client via the Internet to check whether the BL in question has been printed by another (authorized) user after it has been saved. If it has been printed, you will not be able 1 to print your saved PDF file as the print action will be disabled.

For more information about PDF files we refer to

Original Bill of Lading replaced:
If the BL has been replaced with a new version on the Bill of Lading service on or deleted due to the 30 day’s retention period after you have saved the original PDF file, your saved file will be blank without any BL details, and an error message will be displayed. If you have saved multiple BL’s in one batch PDF file, and one of these BL’s in the meantime has been printed or replaced by a new version, you will not be able to print the saved batch PDF file. The disabled BL’s will also not be accessible in the saved batch file.

You then need to select all the un-printed BL’s in the Bill of Lading service once again in order to be able to print them.

The security solution is not able to provide you with a specific error message detailing the reason as to why you cannot print the saved PDF file, but instead you may look into the history of each BL in the Bill of Lading service.

Digital Certificate:
If your digital certificate, which is being used for access to has become invalid, you will not be able to print or view a saved BL PDF file.

Instead you need to request a new digital certificate from .

When the new digital certificate has been downloaded to your pc, you need to create a new account in IRM Client for Adobe Acrobat. Details of this process are described in the Installation Guide.