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Import Restrictions



Sharjah: At present we only have CY Acceptance to Sharjah Terminal and cannot offer a CY move where a B/L has been claused as ICD Sharjah.

Change from CY/CY to CY/CFS: Should the shipment be booked as cy/cy and the consignee, subsequently, requests for change to cy/cfs, the following restrictions/conditions will apply:  

1) This change is possible only if there is only 1 consignee involved.

2) The consignee needs to approach the port directly and make all necessary arrangements/payments to the port without any involvement of the carrier.

3) Under no other circumstances can the service mode be amended.



Beef & Cow related products: Due to the incidence of mad cow disease (BSE), import of beef and cow related products from Europe (both EU and Non EU) is banned. However, import of dairy products is permitted. 

Fertilizers & Manure stuffed in loose form n containers: This is banned into the UAE. Import of such commodities can however be undertaken provided these are properly packed into bags that are well secured.

Used Tyres / Batteries  Import of used tyres / batteries / vehicle parts in containers is banned into UAE Ports Ports.

Used Vehicle Spare Parts are allowed only in Sharjah and are banned in all other UAE ports.

All cargo booked on CY terms into UAE outports i.e Sharjah (AESHJ), Ajman (AEAMN), Ras Al Khaimah (AERKT), Umm Al Quwain (AEUAQ), Abu Dhabi (AEAUH).can be moved on feeder vessels.

However, Store Door (SD) deliveries are however routed via Jebel Ali (AEJAL) and trucjed to the inland locations. Kindly view MePC for detailed routings.

Liquor/Alcoholic drinks: Import of liquor into the ports of Jebel Ali and Port Rashid is considered to be a cumbersome task by Consignees due to various restrictions and high customs duties (50% of value). Buyers of this commodity prefer to take delivery in the smaller feeder ports like Ajman and Fujairah where the customs rules are more import friendly. 

As in the case of other dutiable products mentioned above, this commodity cannot move on a through b/l to inland ports by road as this means customs clearance in JAL by paying a customs duty of 50% of the value of the commodity which the buyers do not want to pay.

Gas Lighters: Lighters are only accepted for local import with delivery to be taken by the consignee in Jebel Ali. During the period 15th June through 15th September, imports of gas lighters are banned completely. In case containers with this cargo land in Jebel Ali during this time, the Port Authorities will arrange for units to be stored in a safe and protected area with 4 hrs fireguard resent at a cost of usd 25/hr per unit from the time of discharge till the time of loading, in addition to one time transportation cost of usd 225 to/from safety area.

Restrictions for acceptance of gas lighters in Port Rashid are different from Jebel Ali. For gas lighters discharged in Port Rashid at any time of the year, a charge of usd 25 per container per calendar day will apply for storage in a safety area, including a fire guard. The seal of the container will be broken in order to open one door for ventilation.

» Acceptance Manual for General Guidelines on acceptance of Gas Lighters



Please note that IMO (Hazardous Cargo) is not acceptable into Fujairah.

For import to UAE, Consignee must provide acceptance for discharge and import before container is loaded. If the approval is provided a copy of dangerous cargo manifest, packing certificate and a copy of the approval from the UAE Authorities granting the approval for discharge must be faxed to DXBOPS, fax no: 971-4-3931786 or 971-4-3326195.

Acceptance of IMO Class 1: Imo class 1 in general is not allowed for import or transshipment via the UAE. Only in special cases where the consignee is related to UAE Government or the Armed Forces will a special permission be considered on a case to case basis.

Acceptance of IMO Class 2.1 / UNNO 1057 Gas Lighters: Due to extreme temperatures in the APG and UAE, shipment of gas lighters - imo 2.1/1057 - not to be accepted for local export or transhipment via Jal for other ports in APG as cargo poses extreme danger for gas leakage, fire and explosions.

Acceptance of IMO Class 7: IMO Class 7 is not allowed for import, export or transshipment via UAE Ports. 



For transhipment at Jebel Ali, if approval is provided then a transport cost to/from safety area of usd 225 will be applicable, plus usd 25 per hour for a fire guard from the time of discharge to the time of loading.

IMO class 1 in transit needs an approval too and must be obtained before the container is loaded from the POL (Please see SOP given below)

Standard Operating Procedure

Documentation requirements

1. Original letter from the Ministry of Interiors of the importing Country stating clearly that "the Ministry of Interiors has no objection if the consignee (Company as mentioned in the BL) imports the following items..." (Items listed should be complete and similar to the B/L description).

2. The Import Licence of the Consignee. 

Documents 1 and 2 have to be attested by the UAE Consulate in the importing Country. In the absence of a Consulate, the above documents have to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the importing Country.

The above attested copies have to be counter attested in Dubai by:

            - The Consulate of the importing country in the UAE

          - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE        

The following documents have to be submitted to the UAE Police for an NOC along with the above mentioned 2 attested documents:

            - Manifest

            - Packing List

            - DCR Manifest

            - Invoice (Clearly mentioning the Consignee's full name  &  address)

No discrepancy in the documents is allowed


Documents to be presented to DXBOPS 12 days prior to  arrival


In case consignee decide to do this exercise via MLOG, then MLOG  UAE  can assist based on above SOP being followed and fee towards MLOG will amount to USD 900/BL + official receipted payments if any. Without these approvals, the vessel carrying the cargo onboard and arriving in UAE waters will not be granted entrance to the port.



At present there are no road weight limitations other than the maximum weight as stipulated on the CSC plate of the container. In general, we do not accept door delivery for OOG cargo due to height / time restrictions in the UAE for which we might incur additional charges. Acceptance of OOG cargo for door delivery is on case by case basis – Please check with our Operations team fortrucking costs to be applied.  

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