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Thank you for visiting the Safmarine U.S.A. homepage. We sincerely appreciate your interest in our organization.

Representing Safmarine Container Lines here in the United States, we are happy to offer ocean transportation services to and from many global regions. Our core services include container shipping services to and from the Africa, and the Middle East regions.

I hope you will find our website both informative and easy to navigate. We offer a wide array of shipping solutions and product details via our portal and pride ourselves on providing a customer experience that is best in class.

If you are a new visitor to our site then I welcome you to browse our various links that provide a more in depth view of the trade lanes we serve, office locations, contact points, and of course online access to the freight levels we offer today.

Existing clients may choose to register online which will increase connectivity through the use of a digital certificate. Once registered, you will receive additional opportunities to improve your experience with access to features that are customizable to your individual shipments with Safmarine.

Most importantly we want to ensure you have access not only to our E-services, but to our people. At Safmarine we believe our people make the difference.

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On behalf of the Safmarine USA organization, thank you for choosing to visit us online.

Enjoy our website.

Jonathan Yock

Safmarine North America